Meet the girls:


SG1 Xenja von Mathausen BH, CD, CGC “a” Normal HD/ED 

Sire: 2X Universal World Seiger 
VA Zambo vom Riedschlurgi, Sch3, IPO3, KK1”a”lbz
V Hazel vom Nobleos Sch1, KK
Xenja is a fun loving happy girl that loves to work. She is such a pleasure to work with and have in my life.
Watch for Xenja in the AKC obedience rings and on the IPO field she is well on her way to being titled in 2014.


SG Peddie vom Kirchental BH, AD “a”normal HD/ED

V Banderas vom Domaine Park Sch2, KK1”a”
V Raina vom Kirchental HGH, KK1”a”


SG Mya vom Morgen Haus

VA Griff V. Temar Sch3/IPO3 KK1”a”
V Hazel vom Nobelos Sch1 kk”a”